Reservations help us ensure faster service when you arrive whether you’re a large group or a table for two. Book a table ahead of time for a swifter and more pleasant dining experience with us!

Dress Code: A lot of thought and consideration goes into elevating our guest’s dining experience. It is not only about food & service, but also the atmosphere. For this reason, we strictly adhere to Smart Casual Attire¬†to be worn by all our guests to complement the ambiance we strive to create so that all our diners not only dine but have an overall experience. Hence, the SMART CASUAL dress code is mandatory for guests of all ages except children of 5 years and below. The following clothing will not be allowed when dining with us: Flip Flops, Slides, Joggers, Sweatpants, Pajamas, Athletic Tank Tops, Gym-wear, Athletic-wear, Sportswear, and Sleepwear. Our dress code policy is no way to cause any inconvenience to any of our guests, and it is purely to maintain our high standards as one of the finest premium restaurants.

Cancellation Policy: It is okay to change your mind and, if you wish to cancel your booking, please do so free of charge up to 4 hours ahead of reservation time. In case of any last-minute cancellations anytime in the last four hours window or a no-show, a minimum fee of USD 40 per person will be applicable. Timely cancellations make an opening for other diners looking to book a table, and we’re committed to providing superior quality services to all our guests.

Lounge Reservations: Only 21 years and above-aged guests are allowed.

Outdoor Patio: Patio will remain closed until next summer.

Thank you for your co-operation!