One year & counting… 

The month of August marks the first anniversary of Samudhra. First and foremost, we would like to thank all our patrons for being part of our journey. We’ve hit the ground running in such a short time because of your love & appreciation. And your outstanding feedback got us voted as Diners Choice by Opentable in the first year itself 2019 & 2020 as well. Our journey has been exciting, satisfying and everyday evolution for us. We have served 35000 plus guests so far.

The dream of Samudhra was nurtured for two years and our story began last year. The owner of the restaurant, Mangesh Chinthamaneni, who is a food connoisseur says his love for food has inspired him to start Samudhra. He always felt the need for an upscale Indian restaurant in New Jersey as one always had to go to Manhattan to enjoy fine Indian food. He saw his heart set on this thought for very long and decided to open one such restaurant himself. And the story began thereon! 

When the project started there was no general contractor. From the idea to interiors, all aspects of the restaurant were conceptualized, designed and executed by the owner himself. A lot of thought went into every detail such as the name, location, interiors, offerings, menus, recipes, ingredients, and facilities required for traditional cooking. For example, choosing a location conveniently accessible by neighbouring towns. Multiple food trials were carried out as part of the menu setting process. When considering ingredients careful research was done on quality and procurement of spices, meats & grains that form an integral part of Indian cuisine. 

Our hand-picked menu is updated with new dishes regularly so that our guest can explore the great Indian food. Our commitment is to serve high standard authentic flavours of India. Food that is cooked daily and served fresh to our guests. 

We are a team of warm and motivated individuals where each one of us loves what we do. We would also like to thank our vendors and other stakeholders who support us daily. 

What a feeling, narrating Samudhra story to you all! It’s been a pleasure sharing our story with you all. 

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