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As we enter in 2021, it’s significant for two reasons, it is the start of a new decade and it brings the hope of freedom from the horrors of the pandemic. Every ending is a pathway to a fresh start, an opportunity to make changes and begin afresh preferably with some good luck.

After experiencing all the challenges and chaos of 2020, we’re all looking for positivity, new beginnings and fresher outlook in everything we do in 2021. As the calendar changes, many cultures around the world have a tradition of eating certain foods that bring good luck in the new year. Although, we may not believe what we eat during this time can play a part in the year ahead, an attempt to little extra good fortune won’t hurt.

Variety is the inherent part of Indian cuisine due to which most of the below-listed foods are part of popular Indian dishes. We have made a list of Indian dishes with lucky foods from different cultures coupled with the joy of Indian flavors you should eat to ensure this year is your best one.

Lucky food #1

Fish is a common dish popping up on plates across the world around this time. It is believed to be the luckiest of all symbolizing prosperity as it swims and lays many eggs. Some of the delectable fish preparations to relish are Kandahari Machli, Machli Tikka and Mamidi Chapala Pulusu.

Lucky food #2

If fish isn’t your strongest suit, fret not— lucky for the vegetarians, greens are also considered lucky. You ask why? Green symbolizes luck! Just eat your greens, and you would probably bring in lots of luck for 2021. And green leafy veggies are a significant part of ingredient makeup in many Indian dishes. Palak chaat and the classic, irresistibly aromatic Palak Paneer prepared with rich & creamy spinach gravy with smooth & melting cottage cheese are two classic examples. Or the Masala Methi Paneer paired with cottage cheese cubes cooked in fenugreek leaves with tasty cashew gravy, garlic and onion. Time for delicacies from the south of India, Gongura or Sorrel leaves paired with chicken, goat and shrimps with special spices made in our kitchen for you to pick.

Lucky food #3

Another one coin-shaped lentils with their legend rooted in prosperity. If Dal for New Year celebration seems mundane, then you can opt for its luxurious counterpart, Dal Makhani, to dig in. And the soft & golden lentil dumplings, Punugulu, is ideal for an indulgent start of the meal. “Bisi Bele Baath” also called “Hot Lentil Rice” is power-packed with both rice and lentils.

Lucky food #4

Grains holds a special place and symbolize abundance since they swell when cooked and soaks up all the bad energies and fills our lives with good luck. In Sweden and Finland, rice pudding is enjoyed as a lucky dessert. Latin countries eat rice and beans for the New Year to bring in abundance in blessings and luck for the upcoming year. Whereas, in India rice is a part of many religious ceremonies and festivals.

It is a staple in Indian Cuisine. Apart from simple steamed rice, a variety of rice dishes are popular like the iconic Biryanis made with chicken and goat meat and delightful Pulaos made with veggies (Sabzi Dum Pulao), country chicken (Natu Kodi Pulao)
Another vegetarian delight, Panasakaya pulao, is a traditional dish made with jackfruit, chefs special spices and basmati rice.

Lucky food #5

What else for a happy and fruitful new year? To be more specific fruits are considered lucky during New Year in some cultures. Typically, round fruits, tangerines and orange to bring in oodles of luck for the year. Also, pomegranate is associated with life and fertility in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. You can enjoy the essence of the above lucky fruits in our mocktail & cocktail offerings.

Lucky food #6

Lastly, nuts are used for gifting as it is believed to be a mark of lucky start. You will find this lucky ingredient present in most of the gravies in Indian cuisine.

Even though new year celebrations were very different this year with various precautions and restrictions, we all need some motivation and comforting food to keep the spirits up. Dine with us or order online the authentic gems of Indian cuisine for some delicious good luck in 2021. We wish you a lucky year full of hope, abundance and joy!

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