Fall Cocktails to fall for this season in New Jersey!

Fall cocktails_Outdoor_Dining_HeatedAs summer fades into the rearview mirror, and before we think about cinnamon and mistletoe, there is another great holiday to greet.

Fall comes with rich colours and picturesque views. The freshening winds make for some great cloud-scapes in the skies, the leaves start turning with a crisp breeze in the air, and there’s nothing more atmospheric than outdoor dining in fall months with your family and friends.

At Samudhra, we chose to embrace fall, by adding exciting and indulgent cocktails & yummy tidbits to our fall bar menu, brimming with ingredients that celebrate everything we love about autumn, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the flavours of the season in our outdoor dining that will carry you through autumn, well into the winter.

As the weather starts to take on a chill, it feels appropriate to sip on something that’ll warm you back up again — and fall cocktails do just the trick. Our fall special craft cocktails infused with aromatic herbs, spices and fall fruits are perfect for crisp days of fall.

Fall Special Drinks

On the menu are the seasonal classics Fall Sangria, Honey Pear Margarita, Lycheetini & Pear Martini. What’s new this year sweet & earthy flavoured saffron spiced cocktail, Zaffrontini, that’s sure to be your next favourite drink. Saffron has traditionally been a go-to winter spice because of its warm nature. Thyme will tell, a herbaceous cocktail with full of fall flavours follow the list.

Fall_sangira_Fall_cocktails           Fall_Cocktails_Zaffrontini

Pumpkin spice may have the trend factor, but delectable apple cider will always hold a special place in our hearts as the real flavour of fall. Try our fall-inspired favoured Apple Cider Sidecar. The warmth of clove and cinnamon in Chai Tea paired with pumpkin spice is another autumnal classic is Chai Tea Russian. It’s hard to pick a wrong one here!


Bar Bites

To spice up your drinking experience we have traditional style tidbits on our menu that complements with Indian cuisine. Roasted Papad is crispy Indian tortilla made of lentils and its spicy version Masala Papad, roasted papad topped with tangy and spicy onion tomato mix. A few more popular Indian munchies to snack on while drinking are Masala Peanuts, crunchy fried peanuts mixed with tangy & spicy onion tomato mix and Masala Kaju, crunchy fried Peanuts/Cashews tossed in salt & pepper.

Heated_Outdoors_seatingAt Samudhra, our menu emphasizes on shudh desi (authentic Indian) flavour at its best, which our artisanal craft cocktails reflect too. Our all day, everyday happy hours ensure you can let your hair down and enjoy more of our signature drinks. Not to forget heated outdoor dining patio for our guests to enjoy the views as the cooler temperatures started rolling in.

As per the government guidelines, our premises follow meticulous hygiene protocols to ensure your safety and well-being. Dine safe with us!

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