Indian Food Culture : A peek into some of the popular Indian delicacies!

Here’s a peek into Indian food culture and some popular Indian delicacies that you can relish at Samudhra Premier Restaurant. Authentic Indian Cuisine is an extensive assortment of dishes made of various spice blend, herbs, and diverse cooking styles. India is a treasure house of culture, diversity, and heritage mixed with centuries of foreign influence. Every sub-cuisine is unique with distinct tastes based on the local climatic conditions, religious and cultural aspects but they are all irresistible, alluring and colourful. 

Masala Dosa 

Masala Dosa or the ‘Indian pancake’, is a savory breakfast staple in South India. Although, it originated in the southern region of India it is now popular across the country. A paper-thin crepe made up of a fermented batter of rice, lentils and black gram which is not just delicious and appetizing but also a nutritious meal for any time of the day served with piping hot sambar, chutney and a variety of vegetable fillings.

Chole Bhature 

No food trip is complete without relishing “Chole Bhatoore”. A versatile Indian dish made of chickpeas served along with fluffy, rounded wheat bread that can be a complete meal ideal for all-day lunch or can be a satiating evening snack.

Lal Maas 

While there is a range of lip-smacking vegetarian dishes in Indian cuisine, there is Lal Maas for the meat lovers. It is a traditional Rajasthani mutton curry made up of curd, Indian spices and Mathania chilli that is distinct to the region. A lovely companion to Beer.

Dal Tadka 

Dal is representative of an Indian meal. A staple dish every Indian grew up relishing the taste and nutritional value. Dal is a stew made from a variety of lentils or pulses with a hint of Tadka, tempering with garlic, dried red chillies, cumin & mustard seeds.


A crispy fried or baked triangular shaped savory made up of white flour filled with mashed potatoes or other varieties mixed with spices. They are best relished during Indian monsoons and chilly winter evenings.

Chicken/Paneer 65 

Chicken 65, a very popular entree that gives a tantalizing start to the meal. A spicy Indian chicken dish with a striking red colour originally started in Chennai. The main ingredient for this dish varies such as chicken, cottage cheese (paneer) or selected.

Indian Desserts 

Meals and festivals are incomplete unless ended with a taste of sweet. Malpua or sweet pancakes, a dessert from eastern India is made up of flour and semolina served with chilled condensed milk or Rabri. Sheer Khurma, a Mughlai festive pudding is a subtle combination of milk, vermicelli drizzled with pistachios and cashews. And the very popular Hyderabadi sweet dish, Double ka Meetha simple yet luxurious preparation of bread slices soaked in hot milk, saffron, and aromatic cardamom.

At Samudhra, we have carefully crafted every detail, the menu, flavors from across India, the ambience and the vibe,  to give you an experience that truly resonates Indian food culture! 


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