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Pasanday Gosht-The pride of Hyderabadi Cuisine apart from Biryani

Indian Cuisine branches out into various age-old regional cuisines, and Hyderabadi cuisine is one of them. One word that pops up with the mention of Hyderabad is Biryani. Hyderabadi food is much more than Biryani and Haleem. Ever heard of Pasanday Gosht? An exciting Hyderabadi royal dish which was known as Asif Jahi Pasandey in the royal kitchen because of the first Nizam, Mir Qamaruddin’s love for this dish.

The Nizams ruled over Hyderabad for seven generations. They were great connoisseurs of food who followed a tradition of elaborate 10-course meals every day. Hyderabadi cuisine is a hybrid of foreign cuisines moulded as per culinary preferences that led to the creation of unique derivative cuisine which surpassed the original forms. 

Pasanday Gosht was originally a Mughlai recipe. It is one dish that remained unchanged in Hyderabadi Cuisine which is popular on both sides of the continent with slight variation in its name. Pasanday Gosht is considered as food for celebrations. A must preparation on social occasions, parties and especially during festivals.

Gravy or Salan is the basis of Hyderabadi cuisine. Pasanday Gosht is a rich gravy based dish made with tender goat and special ingredients, carefully chosen and cooked to the right degree. It is steeped in a rich blend of fragrant herbs, spices and condiments that give this dish its base. The mystical combination of ingredients, the cooking technique gives it a unique taste and texture. It entails roasting, fine grinding, several hours of marination and a slow cooking process. 

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