Valentine’s Day cocktails to fall in love this year!

Love_you_very_much_valentinesday_drinksRomance with stunning cocktails this Valentine’s day as it is going to be a snowy one this year. Pandemic or no, storm or snow, couples, singles & families, everyone unites to celebrate their love for each other. What can be better than an intrinsically decadent Valentine’s Day Cocktail?

Chocolates, flowers & gifts are usual Valentine’s day staples. And there is plenty of emphasis on drinks, impressing your special someone with a choice of stimulating alcoholic drinks. Christmas is the season for wine, New Year’s Eve tends to be about Champagne; Beer is the king of Superbowl et cetera. There is almost no consensus about what you should be drinking on Valentine’s day with your beau. Sure, you can drink what you fancy straight up, but the elegance and sophistication of a cocktail will surely ignite a flurry of sparks.

And contrary, to what all suggestions pouring in might tell you about Valentine’s Day drink should be, about wines, champagnes and pairing them with supposed aphrodisiacs. It can get more creative if you opt for something innocuous and classy, a delectable cocktail choice! The significance of cocktails isn’t the cocktails themselves rather the social ritual used to accompany them.

Cocktails are foolproof, tasty, packing ABV, and simple to pair together with any food. You can’t go wrong with a cocktail, but, if you need some inspiration, we made a list of perfect cocktails for this Valentine’s day to get your head in the cocktail game.


Salted Caramel Martini

A delicately adorned Valentine’s day cocktail that redefines the tradition of pairing chocolates and candies with Valentine’s Day. The sweet & salty taste of this drink will leave your lover’s heart brimming with love. Served with Van Gogh caramel vodka, it pulls together the crisp apple flavour with Rum Chata to create a refreshingly intense drink to accompany your evening of love.


Love You Berry Much

A perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail. Just as the name suggests, this pretty pink drink is sure to set the mood instantly. A stunner with fruity freshness made with prosecco with a dash of raspberry and lots of love – perfect for a romantic dinner date.


 Purple Sapphire

Here’s the cocktail with the look of love if you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy drink for this Valentine’s Day. This one is a deliciously fruity, crafted with the refreshing trio- orange juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, simple syrup, pomegranate seeds with a base of Malibu Rum.

Valentine’s day in the snow can be a romantic time, don’t let the weather diminish the festive spirit and love in the air.  Just ensure you’re safe with your personal protective gear on when you’re not eating and dressed to keep yourself warm enough. As per the government health & safety guidelines, we follow meticulous hygiene protocols to ensure a safe and secure dining experience. Make your romantic reservations today. Dine safe with us!

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