Hyderabadi Haleem


Haleem is another signature dish of Hyderabad that was crafted in the royal kitchens of Nizams.

At Samudhra, we serve authentic Hyderabadi Haleem cooked traditionally with the finest goat meat to give you the true taste of this iconic dish and experience of Hyderabadi culinary tradition.

This scrumptious dish is originally Arabic that was brought to Hyderabad during Nizami era where it got its local version and name “Hyderabadi Haleem” which went on to become immensely popular dish worldwide.  Just like its name which means patience, Haleem requires a lot of effort and time for preparation. It is a rare delicacy made of pounded goat meat, grains, lentils and ghee infused with many local spices that give it a unique taste. All the ingredients are cooked together for several hours and mashed up well with traditional handheld tools. This traditional technique of blending gives it a stewlike texture and consistency. It is finished with a tempering of sizzling golden onions in ghee topped off with herbs & and fried cashews.

Samudhra brings this ancient delicacy in its most authentic form to give our guests the royal experience of Hyderabadi cuisine. Try our Hyderabadi Haleem now!