South Indian Food Specialities


Experience the simplicity and essence of South Indian food at Samudhra.

Our menu is jumbled up with some of the most popular South Indian speciality dishes like Ragi Sankati, Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare, Gongura with Chicken & Goat, Idly, Dosa and Punugulu.

South Indian Cuisine is diverse where every region has a different food culture dominated by a particular kind of ingredient. The food of the Rayalaseema region is dominated by the use of ragi, on the other hand, Andhra food is known for the use of strong spices and some unique non-vegetarian delicacies.

Ragi Sankati 

An Andhra speciality dish made from Ragi or Finger Millets into moist dumplings topped with clarified butter and homestyle chicken curry. A wholesome dish with myriad nutritional benefits and delicious at the same time

Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare 

Another popular South Indian speciality dish which means Kodi (Chicken) Kura (Curry) Chitti (Small) Gaare (Vadai). It is a savoury Indian Donut (Vadai) served with Chicken Curry. A perfect tastebuds tickler and comfort food!

Gongura Dishes 

Gongura are greens indigenous to Southern India which is an intrinsic part of South Indian cuisine. Due to its natural tanginess, it gives a uniques flavour when prepared with Chicken,goat or fish variations.